2015 Street Stock Rules


1. This division is limited to 1965 to present American made automobiles and trucks. Frame and body manufacturers do not have to match.

2. BODY:
Body must be stock steel. Stock body requirements will be interpreted as a minimum of stock roof, including A&C pillars, quarter panels and front fenders of model and year of car run. All windshield and rear glass edges must remain intact.
Wheel openings may be trimmed for tire clearance. Front inner fender wells may be removed so long as complete stock front firewall remains. Trunk area floorboard may be removed. Rear inner fender wells may be removed, however floorboard must extend back to the point where the stock rear firewall and floor join. Doors must be bolted or welded shut. Rocker panels may be removed. Body, including front nose piece, must maintain a minimum 4" ground clearance wet with driver. Rub rails between wheel openings no wider than 1.5" mounted flush with the body are permitted. No sharp edges.
Door skins and trunk lid may be replaced with aluminum, provided they remain stock appearing. Hood cow induction of no more than 3' will be permitted. Hoods are to be secured by a minimum of 4 hood pins. 2" hood scoop max. Hood may be aluminum, steel, or fiberglass. NO REAR SPOILERS ALLOWED EVEN IF CAR CAME FACTORY EQUIPPED!!
After market, manufactured Street Stock bodies (AR, Five Star, Performance), with no advantage, may compete with a 100 lb. penalty. NO REAR SPOILERS ALLOWED EVEN IF CAR CAME FACTORY EQUIPPED!!

3. BUMPERS/COVERS: ( 2 options )

Cars manufactured with steel bumpers will be allowed to run steel bumpers, outer steel bumper only. No oem reinforcements allowed. 2 horizontal bars parallel with frame. 1-1 3/4 " round tube open on end and hollow will be allowed , mounted inside of steel bumper with no diagonal bracing.
Bumpers of OEM style must be blended from edge of bumper to fenders/ quarter panels with 72,000ths or heavier metal bolted to bumper and fender.
Cars with plastic nose/bumper covers: Metal support will consist of 1 ¾ round or square tubing .095 thickness. Must be hollow with open ends. No diagonal supports. Corners must be attached to fenders and quarter panels.

All exterior glass except front windshield must be removed. Front windshield must be replaced with 1/8" lexan/polycarbonate. No plexiglass. Window and door latch mechanisms must be removed. The angle that front windshield makes with horizontal must be a minimum of 25 degrees. Rear and side windows are permitted, but must be lexan.

Stock suspension must be maintained with the exception of the following: Wedge bolts or jacking devices are allowed. One shock per wheel. Shocks may be moved to allow for jacking device. Shocks must be economy and sealed, steel bodied. No bump stops or suspension travel limiting devices. Adjustable sway bar allowed. After market top A-arms allowed and may be relocated, but must have a cross shaft. No aluminum suspension parts. No rack and pinion steering. Maximum tread width 78" outside tire to outside tire, at spindle height. Outer tie rods can be steel sleeve and heim. No made for racing spindles. Cast drop spindles are allowed.

Any stock passenger car rear end. No quick changes. Rearends may be locked. Positraction rear ends allowed. 9" Ford rear end will be allowed. Must be mounted in stock position with stock frame mounts and rear end mounts. No aftermarket parts allowed, other than 9" Ford rear end. 9" steel floater rear ends are allowed.

Must be a minimum of 108" wheelbase. Must be complete with stock components from front of gear box to 7" behind centerline of rear end. Springs must be in stock location. Rear ends must be located on stock mounting points, with stock trailing arms. With the exception of Speedway Motors stock length trailing arms. Leaf spring cars must have only 1 front spring mounting location.
Leaf springs and coil springs MUST BE STEEL. NO composite materials, NO fiberglass, NO aluminum.

Full cage required, with 4 uprights welded to frame. Top of cage should form a box and follow the contour of the windshield in front and rear. Front engine compartment loop connected to roll cage and extending in front of engine and a rear loop behind fuel tank is mandatory. All cage material must be round steel tubing at least 1.625" OD with .095" thickness. No galvanized or square tubing permitted. Three door bars are required on driver side and two on passenger side. Gussets should be used where possible. Bars around driver must be padded with approved padding. SF spec 45.1 padding is recommended. Cages must be approved.

All stock seats must be removed. Front seat must be replaced with an aluminum racing seat with headrest. Driver's seat mounting brackets must be attached to the roll cage. Seat must be secured. Dashboard, dash gauges, radio and instruments must be removed. Inner door panels, interior door trim and floor coverings must be removed. Any heat reflective material used on the floor or firewall must be non-flammable. All cars must have complete stock front firewall and transmission tunnel. If floor pan is fabricated, it must be steel and in stock location. No aluminum interior.

Cars must weigh a minimum of 3100 lbs., ACCORDING TO OUR SCALES, with driver after race, with no fuel added. Left side weight is not to exceed 58%. Weight must be painted white with # on it. Weight must be mounted on frame with a minimum of two ½ bolts.

Engine block and cylinder heads must be cast iron. Valve covers and oil pan may be changed. Any internal modifications are permitted. Any cast iron or aluminum, carbureted intake manifold may be used. Engine must be located so that the forward most spark plug is even with or in front of a line connecting the top ball joints. In order to keep the cost down we are going to allow GM crate engine part #19258602. With this motor option you can use up to a 750 double pumper and may be a weight break in the future.

Carburetion limited to one two barrel US manufactured unit or single inlet 4 barrel. No double pumpers. No dominator base carburetors. Maximum of 1 ¼ carburetor spacer including adapter plate.

No mags or multiple coil type ignitions. MSD boxes must be mounted on right side of car and out of reach of driver.

Exhaust manifold may be replaced with headers. Exhaust pipes may be replaced, but must exit under car and behind the driver with turndowns. No 180's or crossover headers.

All cars must have working starter and battery. All batteries must be securely mounted and completely covered if in driver's compartment.

May be replaced so long as it does not alter sheet metal. Must have an overflow tank of no less than 2 quart capacity or have the overflow hose directed up onto the windshield. No Glyco based antifreeze coolant permitted.

Maximum 22 gallon commercially made fuel cell bladder with foam insert required. Cell must be mounted in a rectangular can made of magnetic steel. Plastic fuel cells will not be permitted. Cell must be mounted in trunk area, between frame rails, with bottom of cell no lower than the centerline of the rear axle. Cells must be secured by a frame work using a minimum of 1" square tubing that is attached to the main frame rails. All fuel systems are subject to inspection and approval.

Fuel lines should be securely mounted and protected. Fuel lines running through the driver's compartment must be high pressure aircraft or completely covered by metal shielding. No electric fuel pumps permitted.

19. FUEL:
ONLY STRAIGHT GASOLINE OR RACING FUEL IS PERMITTED. No nitro additive or alcohol permitted.

Transmissions must be stock type, manual or automatic, and must have both forward and reverse gears. Multi disc clutches will be permitted. Drive shafts must have at least one 360 degree safety strap/loop directly behind front universal joint. 9" Ford rear end may be used in any car so long as original suspension mounting brackets are used. Floater rear ends with all steel housings and axle tubes will be permitted. Drive shaft must be painted white.

Maximum 8" wheel width permitted. All wheels must be steel racing type. All wheel lugs must be 5/8" with at least 3 threads showing beyond lug nuts. Brakes must be in good working order on all four corners. Brakes are subject to inspection at all times. No aluminum brake calipers.

22. TIRES:
Only American Racing tires are permitted. Tire sizes are P265/60-15 T and 60/265-15 T. No tire soaking or dressing. No recaps.

All drivers must be protected at all times with Nomex SF 3 2 A/5 fire suit, seat belts, shoulder harness, headrest, and helmet with a SA2005 or later Snell rating. SF 3 3/5 gloves, SF 3 3/5 driving shoes and fire resistant underwear are highly recommended. Shoulder and side head restraints as part of the racing seat are highly recommended. Seat belts and harness are required to be a five point system with lower crouch belt (six point systems are recommended). Mounting attachment bar for shoulder harness must be at shoulder height of the driver and harness should not bend or change direction as it goes through the seat. Belt systems must be a minimum of 3" SF approved units, dated no earlier than 2010. All cars must have a web style window net on the left side window opening with a seat belt latch mechanism on the top front corner. No cord or rope type nets. High impact roll bar padding required wherever the driver can reach. Fire extinguisher of B or C dry powder type or equivalent must be in every car and be easily accessible to both driver and right side window. A quick release mount is mandatory. Each car should have a fully charged 10 to 13 pound B and C type fire extinguisher in its' pit area.

Mirrors and/or two way radios are not permitted in the car or in the driver's equipment. All divisions must have a RACEceiver radio system.

Must be presentable and look professional. Numbers must be at least 18" tall on both doors and 4" in upper right hand corner of windshield.

Inspection of all cars will be subject to official approval. Workmanship and appearance of cars will be a determining factor in whether officials permit cars to enter competition. Upon cars first appearance of season, it may be permitted to compete ONE NIGHT provided minor constructional variances from the rules do not vary drastically. Officials ARE NOT obligated to any grace period on rule infractions at any time. Officials' decisions are final.
The race director shall be empowered to add weight or permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules and regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

Current as of 12/1/2014

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