2014 Pro 4 Cars & Trucks Rules

1. This division is limited to 4 cylinder cars and trucks.
2. BODY:
Body must remain stock appearing. After market bodies allowed on trucks & cars. Front spoiler must be parallel to bumper and extended no more than 1” forward of the bumper. Rear spoiler may be no more than 7” in plane surface and no wider than the car; no double rear spoilers allowed. End of bumpers must be attached to sheet metal in such a manner that cars cannot hook each other. Two hooks are required front and rear, with cable type suggested. NO SUN ROOFS. Bodies may be upgraded and interchangeable; EXAMPLE: Chevrolet body on Ford chassis. Maximum spoiler width is "60. Modified bodys ok.Must have windshield.
Must be wrap around or bucket, securely fastened to frame or roll cage on all four corners. All seats must be aluminum; no fiberglass. Shoulder harnesses and seat belts are mandatory and must meet S>F>I> specifications. Drivers’ seat must remain within the confines of the original stock floor pan. Floor pan consists of the area from the rear spring eye forward to include the fire wall and from rocker panel seam to rocker panel seam.
Full front safety glass or lexan windshield is required. If lexan or equivalent is used as a windshield, must be at least 1/8” thick. If other window openings are covered they must be covered with lexan..
Must have relatively stock appearing grill.
Remove all door windows, headlights, tail and parking lights. All lights removed must have holes covered. Front door windows must be removed.
Coil over springs allowed but 50 lbs must be added. No multiple shocks. Stabilizer bars are permitted. Heim ends are permitted to replace rod ends. Wedge bolts (weight jackers) are permitted. Upper and lower control are bushings and strut rod bushings can be upgraded.
Racing shocks are permitted. Limited to one shock per wheel. Front shocks can be located at the owner’s discretion, but must remain within the confines of the body. Rear shocks can be located at the owners discretion.
Axle assembly must be stock type. Rear end assembly may be interchanged providing front & rear track width is not more than 73" wide. Quick change rear ends allowed. Must add 50 lbs for quick change rear end.
Any reinforcement may be used behind the original appearing bumper. End of bumper must be attached to sheet metal in such a manner that cars cannot hook each other. No body parts allowed below the bumper.
For cars the maximum wheel base permitted is 94” to 102”. For trucks the maximum wheel base permitted is 102" to 108"
Must be (4) post design with an extra bar at hip height on drives side between front and rear roll bar next to the driver’s door. No galvanized or threaded pipe fittings. All bars must be padded WHEREVER DRIVER CAN HIT ROLL CAGE. We recommend drivers door be plated at roll cage bar. All roll cages must be at least 1 – 1½” steel tubing .095 wall. All roll cages will be inspected by track officials.
Rear seat and seat back must be removed. A rear fire wall must be installed with all holes covered.
Cars must weight 2200 lbs with a maximum of 58% left side weight according to our track scales after feature with driver, as cars come off the track. No adding fuel. Any ballast weight must be securely mounted.
Must be 4 cylinder with maximum of 2360cc, with flat top piston. Maximum of .040 bore. No dual plug heads, no rotary engines. Only 2 valves per cylinder. Aluminum heads will be allowed to complete but 50 lbs must be added.
Any 4 cylinder engines other than above specs will be allowed but 50lbs must be added. Engine must be located so that forward most spark plug is within 2" of a line connecting the top ball joints (2" set back). Any engine set back farther than 2", track inspector has the right to add additional weight.
Limited to any 2 barrel American made carburetor up to 500 CFM. Cars with electrical fuel pumps must have a mandatory safety shut off switch located in driver compartment with easy view of safety crew.
Stock ignition or after market and stock distributor or after market may be used.
Exhaust system must be safe and meet approval. Muffling devices are mandatory. Headers are permitted. Exhaust pipes passing thru the driver’s compartment must be completely covered. Exhaust pipes must exit thru the lower 1/3 of the car, and behind the driver.
All cars must have working starter and battery. All batteries must be securely mounted and completed covered if located in the driver’s compartment.
Any type may be used, providing it does not alter the body sheet metal. Must have an overflow tank not less than 2 quart capacity. Catch can must stay in engine compartment and have tube running to lower right corner of windshield so it will spray windshield if overflow occurs.
Fuel cells are mandatory. Must have at least 1” x 1/8” steel wide strap above, below, and in both directions. Fuel must be gasoline only.
Fuel lines should be securely mounted and protected. Fuel lines running thru the driver’s compartment must be Aeroquip steel braided or equivalent. Electric fuel pumps are allowed. Must have shut off located by driver compartment in plain view for safety.
23. FUEL:
Only straight gasoline or racing fuel is permitted. NO NITRO ADDITiVE OR ALCOHOL PERMITTED.
Transmissions can be any manual or automatic type, but must have an operative clutch or torque converter, and working reverse gear. Axle assembly must be stock type. Drive shaft must have at least 1” x 1/8” steel safety loop placed within 6” of front and rear universal joint. Drive shaft must be painted white. No add on quick change, overdrive, quick change type transmissions.
Brakes must be in good working order on all four wheels. Front and rear hubs may be replaced with heavy duty aftermarket hubs. Car may not compete with any missing or broken studs/bolts or nuts.
Maximum 8” width steel wheels. Wheels may be plated. No aluminum wheels. Must use large nuts. All vehicles must have all wheel lug, and large bolts. No vehicles run with any broken bolts or nuts missing.
27. TIRES:
All drivers must be protected at all times with a Nomex S.F.I. approved fire suit, seat belts (anchored to the frames or roll cage), shoulder harness, head rest and helmet with a 2005 or later Snell sticker inside. All cars must have a window net on the left side window opening with a seat belt latch mechanism at the top front corner. A fully charged fire extinguisher of B or C type must be in every truck and be easily accessible to both the drive and right side window opening. A QUICK RELEASE MOUNTING IS MANDATORY. Seat belts must be less than 5 years old.
Mirrors and/or two way radios are not permitted in the car or in the driver’s equipment. In 2014 all divisions must have a RACEceiver radio system.
Painting must be presentable. Numbers must be 18” high by 3” wide painted on both doors and on top of facing scoring tower, and 4” high on upper right corner of windshield and left rear tail light. Seniority will prevail when assigning numbers. A new or rebuilt car will be allowed one week to be painted. Sponsors named must not interfere with car numbers and must be neatly lettered.
Inspection of all cars will be subject to official approval. Workmanship and appearance of cars will be determining factor in whether officials permit car to enter competition. Any car that wishes to compete may do so, as long as the car’s minor constructional differences do not (in the opinion of the officials) vary drastically from the rules.
ARCA Trucks Might be permitted, call race Director.
The race director shall be empowered to add weight or permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules and regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.

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