2015 Late Model Rules

Revised 11/14/2014

Rules are subject to change. Any part found illegal will be
confiscated by track officials and remain track property.
If found illegal, driver will receive last place points and money.

Eligible Cars and Body Guidelines:

1. The following body styles approved for competition are:
Chevrolet Impala SS
Monte Carlo
Dodge Charger
Dodge Intrepid
Ford Fusion
Ford Taurus
Toyota Camry
Pontiac Grand Prix

2. ABC (Approved Body Configuration) Body is allowed. A 60 inch by 6 ½ inch spoiler is allowed.

3. Older template bodies with asphalt style nose and tail allowed. A 60 inch by 6.5 inch spoiler is allowed.

4. Built body must have rounded edges and meet these dimensions:
A) width of body at front & rear tires, maximum 79 ½ inches
B) width of body at door skins, maximum 79 ½ inches
C) flat spot on top of body at front windshield and rear window post, maximum 3 ½ inches.
D) flat spot on top of doors, maximum 4 inches
E) ground clearance immediately behind rear tires (must taper to tail piece), minimum 11 inches
F) height of rear quarter panels to ground, maximum 35 inches
G) height of roof to ground plane, minimum 45 inches (measured 10 inches behind front of roof)
H) side window opening, minimum 15 inches
I) center of front hub to nose, 46 inches
J) rear overhang, center of axle to base of spoiler, 47 inches
K) width of spoiler, maximum of 60 inches
L) rear window to base of spoiler, 23 ½ inches
M) spoiler height, maximum 6 inches

5. Roof, nose, and tail piece must be same make and model.

6. Only ABC nose and tail piece and must be unaltered.

7. Windshield must be a minimum thickness of 1/8 inch thickness poly carbonate.

8. Side windows and back glass must be a minimum of .090 thickness of poly carbonate.

9. The maximum dimension for the vent window along the top of the door will be 12 inches and must go 90 degrees from the top of the door up to the A-post.

10. Deck lid must be flat with the quarter panels.

11. Body must not hang below the chassis.

12. Exhaust system must be safe and meet approval. If exhaust exits through the door, insulation must include an exhaust flange that is mounted flush to the door. Pipe must not protrude through door.

13. The air box between the nose and radiator may have no pieces wider than the radiator. No types of under-body air deflectors are allowed. All air for blowers or coolers in the engine compartment must be pulled from the nose or the radiator air box. Air may not be blown or forced onto the tire or bead…air may only be directed to the brake rotors.

14. Minimum wheel base of 102 inches.

15. Maximum tread width of 68 inches.

16. Spoiler must be made of see through material.

17. All cars must have complete firewall, front and rear. Front firewall extending from the left side frame rail to the middle of the interior floorboard is required. It must extend under the driver including the foot pedal area and rear firewall directly behind the driver and must be at least 20-gauge steel. The remaining interior may be aluminum (.025"min.). Interior sheet metal beside driver must run no higher than from the seat cushion at an angle to the bottom of the window opening. Racing seat required, bolted/welded to chassis.

18. Full roll cage required, with four uprights at least 1.625" O.D. with .095" thickness, welded to main frame rails. Top of cage should form a box and follow the contour of the windshield in front and rear. Three door bars are required on driver side and two on passenger side. Door bars must run between front and rear roll cage posts and may not be inside frame rails. Gussets should be used where possible. Bars around driver must be padded. SFI spec 45.1 padding is required. Cages must be approved.

19. Any displacement factory produced engine with cast iron block and cast iron or aluminum heads permitted. Engine chassis and body manufacturer need not match. All engines must be mounted such that the forward most spark plug is even with or in front of a line connecting the top two ball joints. ABC bodied cars are allowed up to 3" motor set back. Other cars with up to 3" motor set back must carry a 50 pound penalty. Centerline of crankshaft must be a minimum of 10 ½" to ground plane. Carburetion limited to one US manufactured 4 barrel. Any stock or after-market replacement for stock distributor may be used. Multiple coil type ignition systems are not permitted. Ignition switch should have "on-off" positions marked and within reach of the driver. Dry sumps permitted. GM 604, Ford D347, or Dodge 958 crate motors, with 650 CFM Holley and 6300 rev limiting chip, may deduct 100 pounds.

20. All cars must have working starter and battery. All batteries must be securely mounted.

21. Fuel lines must be securely mounted and protected. Fuel lines running through the driver's compartment must be "Aeroquip" steel braided or equivalent. No electric fuel pumps permitted. Only straight gasoline or racing fuel is permitted. No nitro or alcohol.

22. Maximum 22 gallon SFI approved commercial type fuel cell bladder with foam insert required. Cell must be mounted in trunk area, between frame rails, with bottom of cell no lower than the bottom of the rear end center section. Cells must be secured by a frame work using a minimum of 1" square tubing. Rear protective bars strongly suggested.

23. Transmissions must have a minimum of two forward and reverse gears. All cars with a manual transmission must have a working, spring-actuated clutch. No hand clutches. Drive shafts must have at least one 360-degree safety strap/loop directly behind front universal joint. Quick change rear ends are permitted. Floater rear ends required.

24. Suspension
- No fifth coil or bird cage type suspensions will be permitted.
- No cockpit, driver adjustments, other than brake bias.
- Coil springs and spindles must be steel. (Unless using the approved Coleman spindle.)
- No traction control devices, electronic or otherwise, will be permitted. Use of traction control will be cause for immediate disqualification and suspension from future racing activities.
- Adjustable shocks permitted. No canister type shocks type permitted.

25. Maximum 10" wheel width permitted. All wheels must be steel-racing type. Wheel lugs must be 5/8" min. Brakes must be in good working order on all four corners. Front and rear hubs may be replaced with heavy-duty after-market hubs.

26. Radiators must be mounted in front of the engine and have an overflow tank of no less than 2 quart capacity or have the overow hose directed up into the windshield. Radiator mounting must not alter sheet metal. No Glycol based anti-freeze coolant permitted.

27. Cars must weigh a minimum of 2,800 pounds wet with driver, before feature. Weight must be securely bolted or welded to chassis. Left side weight is not to exceed 58%. All stock clip cars receive 50 pound weight break.

28. 2" mirror (Position on A pillar to be determined later) permitted, radios are not permitted. Mirrors no longer permitted as of May 10, 2014.

29. Painting must be presentable. Numbers must be at least 18" tall on both doors and 4" in upper right hand corner of windshield.

30. Only American racing 27.0/10.0-15s and 26.5/10.0-15s. Comp. EC-31 tires allowed. No tire soaking or dressing. In an effort to cut consumption and/or tire cost, offcials reserve the right to establish tire rules, policies, or procedures as determined beneficial. No recaps, no altering of sidewalls.

31. Revised 11/14/2014 - MSD boxes will be mounted to the right of the driver and out of his reach.


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