2015 Compact Rules

Eligible Cars:
Single cam, 4 cylinder , 1982-2000, front-wheel drive GM, Ford, and Chrysler cars with a wheelbase between 92-105 inches. No all wheel drive. No all wheel steer. Cars must utilize engine available in the car/body style used.

1. All exterior trim, including lights, body moldings, mirrors, etc. must be removed. Stock body panels are to be used. Only stock bumpers may be used. Drivers and passenger door must be welded or bolted shut.
2. Cars must have stock frame, stock firewall, and stock floor pan. All openings in firewall & floor pan must be covered. No reinforcing of body outside the drivers compartment. Hood must be secured with a minimum of two hood pins each. All glass must be removed from the vehicle except front
windshield. Front windshield may be replaced with lexan.
3. All flammable interior trim is to be removed from passenger compartment & trunk. No removal of ANY interior sheet metal panels except to make room for roll cage.
4. Racing seat is REQUIRED. Seat shall be mounted to roll cage.
5. Steering column and pedals must remain stock. All air bag components must be removed.
6. A full four or six point Standard roll cage is required. Cage must go completely from left to right side and may not protect just the drivers side. All cars must have a minimum of three door bars on the driver's side and two on passenger side. Minimum 1/8" thick plate must be welded or bolted to the to the outside of the driver's door bars. Cages must be welded or bolted to the floor of the car. All cars must have crush zones and bars cannot go all the wayto rear of trunk area if tied to strut tower. A maximum of two rear down bars may be used to support the hoop. These bars may run from the top of the hoop behind the driver and extend to the trunk area. A single cross bar or "X" may be used between these down bars. Rear down bars MUST be attached to the trunk FLOOR. Main cage must have at least two bars running from left to right, between the uprights, behind the driver. One at floor level, and one at shoulder height of the driver. Roll cage tubing must be a minimum 1 ½" diameter and .095 thickness.
7. Main shut-off switch must be easily accessible by Safety Personnel, and clearly labeled as such.

Tires & Suspension:
1. All four tires and wheels must be the same size, series, and offset.
2. A maximum of six and one half inch wheels. All four wheels must be the same size and offset. No rear wheel drive offset wheels will be allowed. No spacers will be allowed behind wheels. Tires must be DOT tires. 60, 70, 80 series tires only, with a tread wear of no less than 400. No racing tires allowed. Track officials have final say.
3. Steering and suspension shall remain stock. OEM style shocks, struts, and springs ONLY may be used. No heating or cutting of spring allowed. A minimum of a 6 inch ride height must be maintained at the rocker panel. Rocker panel must not be altered. Spring rubbers will be allowed (1 per wheel). No progressive rate springs will be allowed.
4. Front camber is the only adjustment that will be allowed with a maximum of 1 ½" negative on right and 1 ½" positive on the left. No tracking of the rear wheels. Camber will be checked with a square.
5. All four brakes must remain stock. ABSOLUTELY NO ABS OR TRACTION CONTROL. All ABS sensors must be disabled.
6. Cars that have fuel tank mounted in front of rear axle may use stock tank. If tank is not mounted in front of rear axle, a fuel cell or marine type tank must be used and securely mounted in the trunk area of the car. Trunk mounted tanks cannot be mounted within ten inches of the rear trunk panel and may not extend beyond the side frame rails. All fuel tank installations must be centered between the rear wheels.

Engines & Transmissions:
1. Only four cylinder, single cam, naturally aspirated engines will be allowed. Only the complete stock engine for the make and model as delivered from the factory may be used. ABSOLUTELY NO TURBOS.
2. Stock intake manifold must be used with no modifications.
3. Stock exhaust manifold must be used with no modifications. No headers, even if delivered from factory. Removal of smog, emission, air conditioning, and power steering parts are permitted. Stock air cleaner must remain.
4. Exhaust must be in place completely under vehicle. No portion of exhaust may pass through interior and must exit under vehicle behind the driver. Removal of catalytic converter is allowed.
5. Must use stock style starter. Battery may be relocated to an area behind driver. If so, it must be secured & covered.
6. Transmission must remain stock and unmodified for that vehicle's production. Transmission must have working forward and reverse gears.

Safety Equipment:
Snell-rated SA95, SA2000, SA2005 helmet required. Roll bar padding required in drivers compartment (Fire retardant highly recommended). SFI full fire suit required. Fire retardant neck brace, gloves, and shoes required. (Fire retardant head sock and underwear; head and neck restraints; highly recommended). Driver side window net required and must be mounted so that the latch is at the top of front window. Minimum three inch wide, five point safety belt assembly required, must be mounted securely to the roll cage. (Highly recommended to be no more than three years old). Fire extinguisher required.

Additional rules:
1. NO WEIGHT OR BALLASTS ARE TO BE ADDED TO CAR unless as a penalty per these rules, and must be mounted in location to be determined by officials.
2. Radios are NOT allowed. Drivers MUST use a scanner to monitor race control.
3. This is a low budget, economy class.
4. If cars seem to be getting too radical, a claim rule will be issued.
5. Cars must be professional looking at all times.
6. Cars cannot compete in the Tuner Class in the same night of racing.
7. Numbers/decals: All numbers shall be in contrasting color from body, affixed to both doors and top, be at least 4 inches thick and 20 inches tall, and be readable from the passenger side of car.

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