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Your vinyl graphics were an investment, so we know you want to keep them looking their best.

The most important thing to remember about vinyl graphics is to wash them the same way you wash your car. Do not use any harsh chemicals. Usually, a good car soap and water will work just fine. If you have a wrap, there are special polishing/waxing products you can purchase to keep your vehicle clean. If you would like more information about these products, please send us an email.

So, what do you do if you're a racer on a budget, and you trade some paint and damage your decals? Don't worry, all hope is not lost! And while we'll be happy to sell you a new set of vinyls, we know a few secrets to bringing your vinyl back to life after a bump-n-run.

First, wash the damaged area with a warm, soapy water mixture. Dry the area completely. Have a Mr. Clean brand Magic Eraser® on hand.

Wet the Magic Eraser® thoroughly with clean, non-soapy water. Now, wring out as much water as you can from the Magic Eraser®. Gently rub the Magic Eraser® on the tire marks. You should see the rubber start to ball up and fall off. With a little patience and effort, the Magic Eraser® will will remove most of the tire rubber and paint from your decals and leave them looking almost as good as new. Please be aware, though, that the Magic Eraser® will slightly dull the surface of the vinyl and leave it with a matte finish.

So your vinyl isn't sticking anymore and you've got a corner peeling up? A quick fix is to use Loc-Tite brand spray adhesive to fix it. Peel back the edge of the vinyl that has lifted. Clean the area where the vinyl needs to stick with rubbing alcohol. Tape off any surrounding areas that you do not want the spray adhesive to make contact with. Using one or two short, quick blasts of the spray adhesive should be plenty to get your vinyl to stick again.

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