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Every project is unique and will require an individualized quote. We do realize that you will need to determine whether certain items, services or products are within your budget. For that reason, we are providing the follow pricing guidelines below. Remember though that these represent typical prices for the products/services shown and may not represent the price you will be quoted.

Signage - signs are always as unique as the people ordering them. Because of this, it is very difficult to provide a cost estimate, but here are some typical types of signs we make and the costs associated (remember, artwork fees may be required in addition to the cost of the sign).

Corrugated Yard Signs - Yard signs are an easy and affordable way to display a temporary message. These signs are very durable and will last several months (and in some cases, several years!) Yard signs are eligible for bulk discounts. Order 1-10 yard signs in the size 18" x 24", and they are $15 each (this includes lettering on one side and the metal yard stakes). Order 11-20 yard signs in 18" x 24", and they are just $12 each (including lettering on one side and metal yard stakes). If you are ordering 21+ yard signs, or need a custom size, please contact us for a quote.

Magnetic signs - An 18" x 12" set of two door signs is just $65. An 18" x 24" set of magnetics is just $95! And, we should mention that we can do custom sizes without a problem. We use only the 30 mil magnetic material -- this is the good stuff! Check out our magnetics page here.

Aluminum signs - A fully lettered (one sided) 18"x24" sign on aluminum with a baked-on white painted surface is $40. Artwork fees may apply and are not included. Simple designs such as parking signs, etc. usually do not require an artwork fee. Other sizes are available - we have a metal shear and can custom size aluminum signs for you.

Building signs - Due to the wide variety of substrates available for building signs, we can only provide custom quotes for this product.

Street/Road signs - Made from .040 inch thick aluminum, sized 6" x 24" with round corners. Both sides are painted in blue, green, black or red. Available in quantities of 10 only. With both sides fully lettered, the price per piece is $30. Remember, they are only available in quantities of 10 pieces.

Curb/Sidewalk Signs - Signicade Portable Display Sign in White - 45" x 25", fully lettered on both sides $150. You fill with sand or water for good ballast. Other sizes and colors available.

Real Estate Frames - Black painted, sized 18"x24" with bottom rider. Sold in sets of 5. Fully lettered with both aluminum inserts - $240 each.

Decals - there are multiple types and qualities of vinyl that we can create decals with. Because of this, we encourage you to request an official quote letting us know exactly what you need. Our pricing is based on the following standards:

Bumper stickers (digitally printed on white vinyl in any unique shape as long as each decal is one piece sized 3" x 5" or a total of 15 square inches or less for each piece) - 100 pieces for $40. No setup fee. Artwork fees vary. We usually provide free vector artwork for this service if you're ordering 1,000 or more pieces. Vinyl used is a 3 year outdoor grade vinyl.

Contour-cut decals (traditional vinyl decals where an image may be composed of multiple pieces and there is no white background and the decal is applied using a piece of transfer tape that we apply on top of the decal) - $.25 per square inch for traditional vinyl (cannot be smaller than 5"x5"); $.75 per square inch for specialty vinyl (cannot be smaller than 5"x5"). Artwork fees may apply and will add to the cost shown. Specialty vinyls are rated for 6 months - 1 year of outdoor use. Traditional vinyl decals are rated for 3-5 years outdoor use. We can and do make decals from "cast" vinyl for an additional fee. Cast vinyl has an outdoor life expectancy of 7-9+ years.

Racecar numbering sets (two door numbers, one roof number, one driver name, and two 5" tall numbers for decklid and windshield) in traditional vinyl with 3 year outdoor life expectancy - $45 (unusually large numbers or addition of sponsor decals will affect pricing).

Same package using specialty vinyl with 6 month to 1 year outdoor life expectancy - $110 (specialty vinyls vary in cost widely so some specialty vinyls may cost more). Specialty vinyls are holographic, metallic, fluorescent, reflective, or textured.

Same package using digitally printed vinyl (this is a great option for racers on a budget who want lots of color and creativity in their design) - $70. We are famous for our great "themed" race number designs using digitally printed vinyl!

Racecar wrap - price will vary depending on complexity of design, whether you install it or we do, and the grade of wrap vinyl you choose. We can do half wraps as well as full wraps. A minimum cost for a half wrap will be $600. Wrap vinyl comes with film lamination so that you can wash the car or spill fluids on it without worry of the ink smearing, fading, or being damaged.

Apparel - We offer 4 different types of apparel decoration (imprinting). They are screen printing, dye sublimation, heat transfer, and direct-to-garment printing. To learn more about each process, please visit our apparel page.

Screen printing - for a white, short sleeve, 50/50 poly cotton blend t-shirt with a one color imprint in one location is $4.90 plus a $25 screen fee. Minimum order quantity is 72 pieces. Fabric color, garment type (i.e., long sleeve, hoodie, etc.), multiple color imprints, tall and large sizes and artwork fees will add to the total cost of the project. Bulk pricing is available.

Dye Sublimation - for a white, short sleeve, 60/40 poly cotton blend t-shirt with an unlimited number of colors imprinted on one location is $18.00. Bulk pricing is available. No minimum order required and no screen fee is required. Fabric color, garment type (i.e., long sleeve, hoodie, etc.), tall and large sizes and artwork fees will add to the total cost of the project. Please note - dye sublimation is not available on dark garments.

Heat transfer - for a white, short sleeve, 100% cotton t-shirt with an unlimited number of colors imprinted on one location is $18.00. Bulk pricing is available. No minimum order required and no screen fee is required. Fabric color, garment type (i.e., long sleeve, hoodie, etc.), tall and large sizes and artwork fees will add to the total cost of the project.

Direct-To-Garment - DTG printing does not include the garment and is priced on the imprint ONLY. A one-location imprint with unlimited number of colors is $10.50. You must add the cost of the garment plus any applicable artwork fees to the cost of the project.

Banners - $7 per square foot for digitally printed banners on white, 13 ounce banner material with rip-stop threads. Banners come finished with hemmed edges and with grommets so they are ready to hang. Banner stands and hanging accessories are also available.

Awards - We manufacture plaques in all sizes and use dye sublimation to imprint the images onto the plaques. Prices start at $45 for a 5"x7" plaque, artwork included for free. Multiple sizes and plaque designs are available.

High Volume prints (copying) - We have a copier that can do it all! We offer copying services in b/w and color. We also offer sorting, collating, faxing, stapling, scanning, folding, and duplexing on copies up to 11"x17". Bulk pricing is available.

B/W (grayscale) copy - $.10 each for one sided. $.17 each for two-sided, 8.5"x11".

Color copy - $.25 one sided. $.29 for two-sided, 8.5"x11".

B/W (grayscale) copy - $.20 each for one sided in 11"x17". $.29 for two-sided.

Color copy - $.40 each for one sided in 11"x17". $.49 for two-sided.

(Other sizes are available and additional fees will be required for artwork if needed, and for any additional services required such as sorting, collating, stapling, folding or duplexing).

Marketing - Consultative work will be priced on the size and scope of the project. Typically, our marketing consultation fees are $60 per hour for short term projects. Longer term projects will be individually quoted.

Promo Items - Due to the vast number of promo products we can produce (numbering in the thousands!) we can only provide custom quotes.

Website Design - Because the size and features of each website are individualized to each client, jobs will be quoted after submission of requirements. However, this pricing guideline should provide you with a general idea of what to expect:

If you need a brand new website with the following features -

Unique images and graphics supplied by Whiteline Design for inclusion on your page (up to 10 photos and one unique logo designed for your page);

Between one and ten pages of written copy to be created;

Hosting and brand new domain name registration for one year;

You will maintain and update the website yourself;

You can expect to pay approximately $2900. The following additional features will add to the cost of your website project:

- Over ten pages of copy that we will need to create (i.e., - creating text content such as what is seen on the page you're currently reading)

- Public Features integration such as Member Registration, Discussion Forums, RSS News Feeds, Google Maps Integration, Contact Form, Site Search, User File Uploads, Google Adsense Integration

- Ecommerce, Database, shopping cart, Credit Card Processing, PayPal Processing

- Admin Features such as a Photo Gallery, Manage Users Database, Reports, Traffic Statistic Reports

- SEO features such as MetaTag Keyword Optimization, Search Engine Submission, Minor Link Building, Major Link Building, Press Release Submission, Press Release Writing

- Social Media Integration for Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, etc.

- Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly maintenance or updating

- More than 10 unique photos or logos for inclusion on your website that we create

- Flash animations, video creation and embedding

- On-call / urgent updating provided by us

Graphic Design - pricing begins at $30 for one basic graphic image that can be completed in 1/2 hour or less. More complex design work (Logo Design, Illustration) is priced at $75 for the first hour, and $60 per hour after the first hour.

Additional Services - Here at, we have an exceptional wealth of talented individuals poised to provide you with a wide array of services including:

Video editing - price based on need

Photo editing - price based on complexity

Photography - price based on location of shoot, number of photos required, and time necessary to complete shoot

Commercial music composition - price based on length of music clip needed. We have an unbelievably talented music composer who can create royalty-free music for you to use in websites, commercials, advertisements and more in just one day! He is excellent at matching the exact mood you want to convey in your music. (Instrumental music clips only; digital music is provided via a digital download or on CD, and priced per project)

PC repair - price based on services needed

Printer repair - price based on services needed

Automotive repair - Our resident vinyl graphic installer is an ASE Certified Automotive Collision Technician who has over 25 years experience in repairing damaged cars, as well as custom building hot rods and circle-track racecars, and providing custom paint jobs on everything from motorcycles to metal furniture. Prices are quoted based on project scope and materials required.

Warranties / Satisfaction Guarantee -

We are very proud to be able to offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. How this works is that we will provide you a proof of your design or product before production begins. We will begin production once you have approved the proof (via email, or signature in person - no exceptions). After approval, we will create your product. If upon immediate receipt of your product you are not happy, we will work with you until you are. Once you have accepted final delivery and paid for your product, we will consider you as a satisfied customer, and no other warranty shall apply unless stated on your invoice/receipt.

Warranty details - (warranties apply only to vinyl graphics, unless we indicate otherwise on your invoice/receipt).

Cast vinyl and laminated cast wrap vinyl will be warrantied for a full 4 years against cracking, peeling, shrinkage, and fading. Non-laminated printed decals on cast vinyl will be warrantied for 1 year.

Calendared vinyl (printed or contour-cut) will be warrantied for up to 3 years. Holographic, metallized, fluorescent, and specialty vinyls will be warrantied for up to 6 months.

To qualify for the warranty, you must meet all of these conditions:

A Whiteline Design employee must install the vinyl (installation fees may be required depending on the time required to install the graphics and if we have to travel to your location to install them). The ambient air and substrate (the surface vinyl is being applied to) temperature must be between 65 and 90 degrees Farenheit during the entire installation process. The surface the vinyl is being applied to must be free of contaminates, defects, oil, grease, or imperfections. (Rusty paint is an example of an imperfect surface; an example of a contaminate that would hinder vinyl adhesion would be teflon waxes). The surface the vinyl is being applied to must not have been freshly painted. Since there are so many types of paints and so many different types of surfaces they can be applied to, you must follow the paint manufacturer’s curing guidelines in full before applying graphics. Generally speaking, a recently painted vehicle must cure for a minimum of 3 days before installing graphics (if the finish was professionally baked). Again, as a generality, a non-baked painted surface can require a minimum of 2 weeks of curing time at a constant ambient temperature of 65 degrees Farenheight. Since each paint and substrate is different, refer to your paint manufacturer’s guidelines. Most automotive paint manufacturers offer product guidelines on their corporate websites in the form of .PDF documents (DuPont, Omni, etc.) This is important because as paint dries, it "flashes" off the solvents in the paint in the form of gasses. These gasses can and do get trapped behind the vinyl causing ugly bubbles.

The following conditions will void your warranty:

Abuse (examples of abuse as follows)-

A flag that constantly whips against a vinyl lettered sign will wear the vinyl away.

Racecar lettering that gets torn up due to on-track contact.

Lettering that has had chemicals applied to it such as motor oil being spilled on the lettering, etc.,

Lettering that has been exposed to extreme heat or cold within 72 hours after application.

Damage to the surface of the vinyl from acid rain or other non-controllable atmospheric conditions.

Use of unapproved or harsh cleaning chemicals to clean the surface the lettering is applied to.

Warranty for lettering will cover shrinkage, cracking, peeling or discoloration of vinyl. Whiteline Design retains the exclusive right to determine how or if your vinyl product will be repaired or replaced under warranty. We have seen multiple forms of abuse or damage to vinyl and can quickly determine the cause of vinyl failure. We will stand behind our products but cannot be held liable for improper use or care of your products.


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