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Magnetic signs are an excellent, affordable alternative way to advertise on a vehicle without having to commit to permanent or semi-permanent alterations. Plus, magnetic signs allow you the flexibility to re-use the same sign over and over again on multiple vehicles or surfaces. It’s fast and easy to remove magnetic car signs and put them right back on, without ever damaging the paint surface. We use only 30 mil magnetic sheeting (the good stuff!), which has not only a protective layer of film to protect your vehicle's paint, but it also has 14-16 magnetized poles per square inch. Combined with rounded corners, you can be assured that your signs will stay put and not blow off.

Who can benefit from magnetic signs...
Mary Kay Dealers
Avon Representatives
Home Interiors Reps
Home & Garden Party Reps
Real Estate Agents
Owner/Operator Lessees
Company Sales Reps
Independent Sales Agents
Dealerships...and many more!

What To Know Before You Order



Risks with Magnetic Signs

Although only one of Whiteline Design's customers has had this happen, theft is always a risk.

Also, you must factor in the time to clean your magentic signs and the mounting area weekly (according to the magnetic sheeting manufacturer’s recommendation). A gentle soap and water rinse should typically suffice.

  • If your vehicle has had body work performed, there may body filler (Bondo) in the doors. This could cause the magnetic material to not stick.

  • Check to ensure your vehicle doesn't have plastic, fiberglass or aluminum body panels (they aren't magnetic receptive). Use any refrigerator magnet to test the doors before ordering.

  • Magnetic car signs must be installed on a smooth, flat surface with no tunnels or sharp curves.

  • Ensure that the sign area doesn't overlap any body side moulding or trim.

  • Always measure the area before placing an order.

Care Tips

Improper storage and handling can harm your magnets and effect the bonding strength.

- Never fold or crease any magnet.

- Do not store magnets face to face. this can reverse the polarity and result in loss of magnetism.

- When not in use, store your magnets on a flat metal surface such as a refrigerator or the side of a metal filing cabinet.

- Surface cracking can happen if you roll your magnets tightly.

- Take magnets off before using an automatic car wash.

- Don't clean the back of the magnets with Armor All or silicone or wax based cleaners.

- If your signs become warped, lay them in a warm, sunny spot or run a hair dryer on the lowest setting over them.

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