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Copyrights and Trademarks -

Our logo, brand name (Whiteline Design) and all contents of this website are copyrighted. Do not duplicate, link, or borrow these items without our permission. Whiteline Design is a trademark of Mitchell Innovation, Ltd.

Artwork Creation Policy -

We create and design images and artwork for our customers -- items such as logos, graphics, and more. The designs we make for you are to be used exclusively by us,, to create a product for you. Your legal requirement in viewing any proof or artwork (whether approved or not) is that you do not share the image with any entity. That means you can’t take a design we created and share it with a competing person or business for reproduction of any kind. If you do that, you’re violating a copyright law. If you need to give a design we’ve made to someone else so they can reproduce it on a product we do not make (i.e., if you need to have a logo or image embroidered on a jacket - which is a service we do not provide), we will require a file transfer or buyout fee. That fee will only be good for that one use. If you would like to own the image we have created and be able to share it with any business or reproduce it for any reason with unlimited use, you may buy a"royalty free" license for the image. For one flat fee you will be given unlimited royalty-free use of the image, design, or graphic, plus we will provide you will the image in multiple file formats and sizes for reproduction at the highest quality.

Here’s an example of when this might need to occur:

You requested our services to create a logo for your band, and ordered 100 bumper stickers using that image from us. A few months down the road, your band has gotten some media attention and you would like to have the logo embroidered on jackets. We do not do embroidery here at, so we understand that you will need the original design file to give to the embroidery shop. We will transfer the file for a one-time use fee of $30 (with the stipulation that the file is to be used for the one order of “x” number of jackets). Any other use of the file (putting it on letterhead or even placing another order for more jackets) will require another $30 release fee from us. Now let’s say your band really hits the big time, and the logo will need to be used on a billboard, a CD cover, merchandise, flyers, posters, and more, all at one time. At this point, it would be in your best interest to purchase the royalty-free buyout of the image (and the fee for this service will vary depending on the complexity of the design, and scope of use). Once you’ve purchased the royalty-free buyout of the graphic, you may use it for whatever you wish without worrying about paying fees to us. If we discover that images, graphics, designs, or artwork we have created is being used in violation of the copyright laws, we will prosecute. Really, just don’t risk it. We’re very easy to get along with and will work with you on getting you what you need, and will work with you to make sure your needs are taken care of.

Similarly named websites: has no affiliation with,,,, or Our website,, is the first company to use this name online and it was originally registered through ICANN in 2005. Any other website bearing a similar name is not operated by us, nor do we accept any responsibility for the work they do. We are a graphic design and printing production company based in Ohio, USA. Our parent company, Mitchell Innovation, Ltd., also operates

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