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Our commitments to a smaller footprint
Our shipping boxes may be ugly...

but they're saving you money! Instead of buying new, pretty boxes to ship your order to you, we recycle the boxes we receive when we order supplies. Not only does this help reduce the impact to the environment, it saves you money. In addition to recycling shipping boxes, we donate our vinyl scraps to local schools for use in their art programs.

Eco-Solvent Inks

Digital printing in years past required the use of solvent-based inks which contained many VOCs (volatile organic compounds). While some printers continue to use solvent-based inks, here at, we use a new, milder ink called Eco-Sol Max. What makes Eco-Sol Max more friendly is the absence of cyclohexanone and MEK, which tend to put out stronger odors. The new eco-friendly inks offer comparable quality to solvent inks...all with a more earth-friendly approach.


Here at Whiteline Design, we strive to keep the newest technology in our shop to provide the best products and services to our customers. We realize that disposal of our used equipment means it will end up in a landfill and we prefer for that to not happen. So when it's time for an upgrade here at Whiteline, we donate, sell or recycle all of our used equipment. If you're in the market for used printers or office technology, feel free to contact us to see what we might have available for purchase.




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