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There are multiple types and qualities of vinyl that we can create decals with. Because of this, we encourage you to request an official quote letting us know exactly what you need. Listed below are some of the most common types of decals we make but it is by no means the full list of what we can offer. Please call or email us to discuss your needs.

Bumper Stickers labels

Digitally printed on white vinyl in any unique shape. A set of 100 decals sized 3" x 5" (or a total of 15 square inches or less for each piece) cost only $40. Unlimited number of colors. No setup fee. Artwork fees vary. We usually provide free vector artwork for this service if you're ordering 1,000 or more pieces. Vinyl used is a 3 year outdoor grade vinyl. Other grades of vinyl available, and of course other sizes are available. Bulk pricing is available.


Contour-cut decals window

Traditional vinyl decals are sometimes called window decals. The image may be composed of multiple pieces and there is no white background. The decal is applied using a piece of transfer tape that we apply on top of the decal.

Pricing is $.25 per square inch for traditional vinyl (cannot be smaller than 5"x5"). $.75 per square inch for specialty vinyl (cannot be smaller than 5"x5"). Artwork fees may apply and will add to the cost shown. Specialty vinyls are rated for 6 months - 1 year of outdoor use. Traditional vinyl decals are rated for 3-5 years outdoor use. We can and do make decals from "cast" vinyl for an additional fee. Cast vinyl has an outdoor life expectancy of 7-9+ years.


Racecar Number Sets


Two door numbers, one roof number, one driver name, and two 5" tall numbers (for decklid and windshield) in traditional vinyl with 3 year outdoor life expectancy - $45 (unusually large/wide numbers or addition of sponsor decals will affect pricing). Also please note that the car in this photo has a set of two-layer numbers, which will add to the price of the package.


Same package as above using specialty vinyl with 6 month to 1 year outdoor life expectancy - $110 (specialty vinyls vary in cost widely so some specialty vinyls may cost more). The following vinyls are considered specialty: holographic, metallic, fluorescent, reflective, or textured. Please note image shown has multiple layers of specialty vinyl, which will increase the price of the package.


Same package as above using digitally printed vinyl (this is a great option for racers on a budget who want lots of color and creativity in their design) - $70. We are famous for our great "themed" race number designs using digitally printed vinyl!


Racecar wrap - price will vary depending on complexity of the design, whether you install it or we do, and the grade of wrap vinyl you choose. We can do half wraps as well as full wraps. A minimum cost for a half wrap will be $600. Wrap vinyl comes with film lamination so that you can wash the car or spill fluids on it without worry of the ink smearing, fading, or being damaged.

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