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In addition to the methods listed below, you may use the custom quote form here to send questions or comments to Whiteline Design / Mitchell Innovation, Ltd.

You may send emails here, or you may call 937-417-0769 (cell).

Payments/checks/money orders should be made to Mitchell Innovation, Ltd.

For drop offs/pickups/payments, use the following address:

685 Blossomwood Court, Troy, OH 45373


What exactly does "Whiteline" Mean?

At the turn of the twentieth century (1915), artisans in Provincetown and Cape Cod developed a method of reproducing prints using engraved wooden blocks called "Whiteline prints". This printing method took patience, talent and time. Due to the level of artisan skill required and the lasting effect these endearing prints had on American culture, they are considered one of the only true American art forms--besides Jazz and hotrodding. To create a Whiteline print, the artisan would cut an image into a piece of Poplar or Clear Pine. Next, a line drawing would be made on the board. The artist would then carve out "v" shaped wedges on each line of the drawing using a sharp blade. When the image was complete, a piece of handmade paper would be tacked to the side of the block. After lifting the paper away from the block's surface, the artist would paint all sections that required the same color. The paper would then be laid over the block and burnished with a wood spoon. The paper would be lifted again, and the process would repeat for each color necessary to produce a print. Each image would be completed before another paper would be added. When the print was complete, each color area was surrounded by the outlines originally cut into the block, hence the “whiteline”. The result provided a unique print with strong, clear, line imagery qualities. Each Whiteline print was unique; each possessed its own variation, which lent a particular charm and appeal to the prints.

Here at, we have that same commitment to quality -- we provide you with unique, one-of-a-kind prints. We believe in the ingenuity of Americans to create lasting artistic impressions. We give you exceptional quality, tremendous value, and we hand it to you with our own unique charm. Other businesses shy away from one-off pieces. We don't. We know what our customers want, and we give it to them. It's our niche serving small- to medium-sized businesses or individuals who need customized products and services that won't bankrupt their operation.

Are you an auto racing fan? We are. Our owner, Lynn Mitchell, is a racecar driver. The one thing she loves is seeing the finish line at the end of the race. Finish lines are almost always white, aren't they? A finish line has such intense symbolism. It symbolizes accomplishment, success, completion. You know you've reached your final destination when you reach the white line--you get that sense of relief and satisfaction. Those are the exact feelings we want you, our customer, to feel with us. Relief. Satisfaction. Accomplishment. Our choice of the name Whiteline Design for our business should now be pretty obvious - we want to reflect the ingenuity, creativity and artisitic quality found in the turn-of-the-century whiteline prints, as well as presenting our customers with the same feelings of success and accomplishment our owner experiences when she finishes a race.

Now you know you've found your final destination for all things designed and printed --

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